My 996 has the middle of the range “hi-fi” package consisting of the MDR32 mini disc head unit (made by Becker) and six Nokia speakers powered by a small Nokia amp in the frunk.

Old school radio

A Porsche CDC 3 changer was also added later by a previous owner which works perfectly, after I had found some CDs. No luck in finding my minidisc mix tapes from 2001. As it isn’t a Bose system there’s no weird DSP units or optical connections, as far as I know. This makes upgrading it cheaply a little easier.

I am glad that my car has the more basic audio as the contemporary cutting edge from 1998 has aged very poorly. PacMan style satnav with large CD-ROM drives would be impossible to live with. A basic orange matrix display that shows Radio 2 most of the time has aged far better.

The front dash speakers needed to go as the tweeters were blown. I followed this guide on YouTube which is basically a hack job. Destroy the disintegrated front speakers but salvage the connectors and mounts. You can then mount some new Alpine speakers within.

Hack job on speakers

Very easy if you’re happy to take a saw to some brand new speakers. They were less than £50 so I was not expecting much, but this was a huge improvement and great value for money. I only did the fronts but may do the backs later.

An even easier solution is to buy some 3D printed mounts on eBay or the whole kit including speakers, connectors and mounts… for a price. I actually did get a set of the 3D printed mounts but unfortunately the speakers I had already bought were too big. D’oh.